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Sport for All Seasons

Hotel Meritime belongs to the Active Hotels group which brings many advantages to the guests such as many services for sport lovers, the free use of a lot of sports facilities in Bellaria Igea Marina. Romagna offers a large beach, behind the city centre, but also a nice and challenging landscape, especially in spring and autumn when the mild weather and the climate are perfect conditions for sports lovers.

Dedicated services for athletes at the Hotel Meritime
  • A secure bike storage with entry allowed only for hotel guests
  • A service shop with all the necessary tools for ordinary and extraordinary mechanical work: please contact our service centre
  • Changing rooms with benches and cabinets to store helmets and shoes
  • A trusted doctor and our massage therapist are always available in case of need
  • Daily laundry service for shirts and shorts (free)
Sports and Entertainment in Bellaria Igea Marina

Igea Marina, Bellaria’s twin sister, named after the Greek goddess, symbol of health and wellness, thanks to the therapeutic virtues of the sea water and of its air, is famous for its large green areas and the free beach of the East Polo. Here you can practice many sports, entertainment and fitness, and it hosts a variety of beach volleyball and beach soccer competitions. The beach becomes the centre of the nightlife in Igea Marina. Here, in fact, you will find the Beky Bay, whose season is marked by concerts and music.

 „Parco del Gelso“- Gelso Park is a wonderful green area that stretches for 25 acres, not far from the city centre: the paths among the pines and the firs are perfect for jogging and nature lovers, leading to a small lake inhabited by aquatic fauna. This is a full immersion in the countryside. The pedestrian zone along Ennio and Ovid streets offers the opportunity to take a walk surrounded by a charming and attractive atmosphere, while the shell museum is worth visiting. Another peculiar feature of Igea Marina is its ferry trips, where you will see the launch of the nets of the fishermen and enjoy a fresh delicious fish. At the Hotels Meritime and Francesca, located in front of the sea of Igea Marina, you will benefit from all the internal services of the hotels and practice many sports such as tennis, five-a-side football, cycling, golf, horse riding as well. Nearby there are a lot of sports facilities. You will have the possibility to make cycling and horse riding or golfing in the beautiful golf club, perfect for beginners and professionals.

The best sports facilities in Bellaria Igea Marina

The Tennis red clay Courts of „Parco del Gelso“- Gelso Park, that you can reach just a few minutes by bicycle, offered by our hotels, are free. The access to the new fully-equipped fitness centre „Athletic Centre“is free as well. Inside the park you will find the new urban Gelso Sport Centre, a sport centre with three swimming pools, fitness centre with Techno gym fitness and body free with wooden floor, Termarium with sauna, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi and relaxation areas, the new Sport Arena with a multifunctional gym of 800 square meters and a parquet floor for volleyball, basketball, dance, fitness activities and a freestyle martial arts; the Sport Centre Nanni consists of a football pitch used by Bellaria Football C2, an athletic track, a track road to six lanes and a gym for volleyball and basketball. For sea lovers who want to enjoy water sports, it is possible to rent sailboats, to do windsurfing, kite surfing, canoeing, paddle boats and to take swimming, sailing, surfing, water skiing and paraflying lessons at the sailing club close to it.

Cycling Routes from Bellaria Igea Marina

In Romagna a very practised and famous sport plays a key role: cycling; in fact in our area there are many cycling routes, and this is why many national and international competitions take place here every year. Many people choose the Hotels in Bellaria and above Hotel Meritime and Francesca to practice their favourite sport, equipped with maps with cycling routes for every kind of cyclist, a physiotherapist, bike parking, on-demand and ad hoc menus, mechanical assistance to help you in case you are left standing by your bike! Our family run Hotels Meritime and Francesca in Bellaria Igea Marina are at the forefront of hospitality and warmth, ideal places for a relaxing and sport holiday at the same time.
When the sun sets behind the hills and the first evening shadows come, the night of the Adriatic Coast in Romagna is about to start. Sweet walks under the moonlight on the beach, happy evenings to spend on the cool terrace / swimming pool with new friends, crazy nights in dance halls and in the largest discos on the hills of Rimini. At the Beky Bay, the new meeting place on the beach with music, shows and concerts you will enjoy your nights till morning, dancing and meeting young people of all nationalities. At PjazzaClub in Bellaria Igea Marina you will attend unforgettable live events in a new amazing atmosphere created in this really special place; at PjazzaClub every evening ends late in the night on the rhythms of the best House music, Dance and Pop mixed by dj. Booking a holiday at the Hotel Meritime Francesca in Bellaria Igea Marina means enjoying a stay with an extra oomph. Do not wait; we are always at your disposal.