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Ingredients 500 gr. Flour 30 gr. Lard salt q.b bicarbonate warm water q.b. Procedure The flatbread is one of the most traditional recipes from Romagna. In the past it was cooked on hot coals “text”. Today, however, is cooked on


Ingredients Serves 4 Parmesan cheese (as zala slightly spicy) dry bread four eggs a bit of nutmeg Procedure Not need the dough. The fundamental rule is that the dose of Parmesan cheese were more abundant than the breadcrumbs for greater


Ingredients Serves 6 ½ liter of milk 50 gr. Butter 30 gr. Flour Salt, pepper Nutmeg Procedure Bring the milk to a boil, melt the butter in a saucepan and add flour, salt and pepper and a small amount of

Mulled Wine

Ingredients Dry red wine Cinnamon cloves sugar peel and lemon juice Procedure Pour into a saucepan a pint or two of dry red wine, add cinnamon, cloves, sugar what is necessary, peel and lemon juice and (if the wine was

Noodles Bolognese

Ingredients Serves 4 4 eggs 400 grammes of flour salt, quantity as required Procedure Place the flour on the cutting board, make a hole in the middle and put the eggs and salt, mix everything by hand. When the mixture
zuppa inglese

Resembling Triple Dessert

Ingredients The pint of milk 8 red egg 8 tablespoons sugar 4 tablespoons flour Savoie rum Procedure Beat in a saucepan the yolks by adding sugar and flour by melting with a little ‘milk and, stirring constantly. Boil the remaining

Apple Pie

Ingredients 2 cups of sifted flour 150 g. sugar 2 eggs 1 pound of melted butter but cold 2 handfuls of raisins 1 ½ glasses of milk few apples cut for yeast cake: dose-pound a pinch of grated lemon rind

Bolognese Meatsouce

Ingredients 50 gr. Butter ½ onion 1 carrot 1 celery 50 gr. Bacon 350 gr. Chopped lean beef, diced 150 gr. Chopped chicken liver ½ cup red wine 500 gr. Fresh tomatoes Procedure Melt the butter for about 2 minutes,

Grandma donut

Ingredients 3 eggs 300 grammes sugar 300 grammes of sifted flour 100 gramme of lard or butter grated lemon rind a packet of yeast (half a kilo) Procedure Beat long three egg yolks with sugar, add little by little but still mixing


Ingredients for filling Serves 6 500 g. ricotta 500 g. of the soft cheese “bazzotto” 100 g. Parmesan 2 eggs A pinch of nutmeg Ingredients for the pastry: 600 g. flour, 6 eggs Procedure Mix the ricotta in a bowl